Petit Fours (Short Stories)

Petit Fours (“little ovens”)
—Savory or confectionary appetizers that are glacé  (“glazed”), salé  (“salted”), or sec (“dry”)
—Short stories that precede or coincide with the RAGNAROK series

As the only spawn of the most notorious revolutionaries ever to sacrifice themselves for the baiyaru race, Chains has his claws full trying to lead a normal life in a not-so-normal village deep in the dank bowels of a demon swamp. While cultivating a mining village of slavery refugees, he struggles to understand his karmic role in the racially warring dimension from which his emergence is both hoped and feared.

Led by his noble steward and flanked by his little brother, Chains celebrates the one-year anniversary of their freedom by mustering the courage to set sail for a loot-worthy sky pirate shipwreck at the Rock of Gibraltar. A disturbing dimensional disaster awaiting them, the star-crossed crew navigates the primordial Tartak Sea to join the competing multitude of flamboyant pirates and tenacious treasure seekers all after the same thing—the very device that caused such catastrophe!

Fall in love with the world of Gaia Lux and the wildly epic story of RAGNAROK.

Petit Four 1