Demon Seed (Book One)

As the only spawn of the most notorious revolutionaries ever to sacrifice themselves for the baiyaru race, Lucian Ragnarok Hellfire has his claws full just trying to lead a normal life in a not-so-normal village deep in the dank bowels of a demon swamp. While cultivating a mining village of fellow slavery refugees, he struggles to understand his karmic role in the racially warring Third Sphere dimension from which his survival and emergence are both hoped and feared.

His war hero/criminal mother imprisoned between dimensions, Lucian is restless with the knowledge that he was protectively exiled from noble House Hellfire mere days after his birth. When his swamp sanctuary is threatened by a member of the winged race who enslaved him, the time comes for his controversial identity to be exposed. Flanked by the genius Zenith “Zene” Brimstone—his adopted brother of likewise spitfire—Lucian embarks on a tenacious mission to discover just what it is the world has against him, and how he can give it hell in return.

As a crowning scientific achievement of illustrious House Horizon, Waha’ari Ukuchatari is a genetic enigma popular among friends and enemies alike. Known as a chymera scandalously created from two opposing races, she is determined to fulfill the revolutionary dreams of the eirwin house who created and raised her—no matter the painful personal cost. But once that dream is within grasp and her search for the lost Hellfire infant finally bears bittersweet fruit, she must find the strength to spread her wings and seize what awaits her in worlds unknown.

Friend or foe. Male or female. Dead or alive. Strength or weakness. Good or evil. Right or wrong. Fantasy or reality. Lines are blurred and then obliterated in Demon Seed, the first book in the wildly epic story of RAGNAROK.